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SB19 Madrid Moonshots for Humankind

Moonshots for Humankind

Creating mind-sets to rock the change

Our businesses and society face unprecedented challenges, and we are running out of time.

Ground-breaking efforts by individuals, heroes, leaders and companies in our combined push for a sustainable world are lighting the path along which we must all go, but we need to pick up the speed, and inspire many others to join on this journey.

In our efforts to reach for the stars, we need to drive meaningful positive change more than ever, turning magic into reality, making the seemingly impossible, accomplishable. Only courage, persistence and big thinking will enable us to rocket far above the glass ceilings we see looming over us and reach for unthinkable change.

At SB Madrid 19, we will explore personal, brand and corporate Moonshot thinking methodology and its application to business, and how society and humanity can benefit from bold thinking to urgently solve the problems we face today. We can all become Captains of Moonshots and, before it’s too late, rock the change like never before. 

Sustainable Brands Madrid is an essential international meeting-point for all those who want to share face-to-face, with the community of global leaders of SB, the challenges, successes and failures of their business models focused on the individual and the environment. A reflection on the role of brands in the pursuit of the definition of a fair and sustainable future.