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At SB Madrid we open a new series of conversations within the frame of the United Nation initiative #BuildBackBetter

In the very first conversation we will address the topic: Circular Economy as an opportunity to “build back” the economy better. Circular Economy is the fundamental pillar of a more resilient and sustainable economy; during this specific session we will explore its applicability in everyday life, as well as latest trends and key innovations that are about to come. It is now or never, we must #BuildBackBetter.

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The Circular Economy: A Solution to #BuildBackBetter

The Circular Economy offers a unique solution towards building resilient, sustainable and inclusive local economies. Whether it is through increased waste reduction and material reutilization, business model innovation or regenerative practices, the outcomes of circular approaches can have positive economic, social and environmental impacts on local communities.

In upcoming SB Madrid webinar, “The Circular Economy: A Solution to #BuildBackBetter”, we will explore how the circular economy offers a unique solution- from practical examples of how companies are putting circular economy principles into practice. Moreover, we will see how to overcome existing barriers, discuss accelerators and different levers to solidly advance further.

Finally, we will explore “WHAT´S NEXT” in Circular Economy: how its implementation is accelerating, new angles of public debate, upcoming innovations and, ultimately, the next frontier in the circular economy.

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Sustainable Brands Madrid is an international and indispensable event for all those who want to share with SB premier global community of brand leaders and innovators, challenges, successes and failures of their business models centered on people and environment. An occasion to reflect upon the role of brands in the definition of a fair and sustainable future.

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