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HowTo Build back better brands with insights from +100 Global Leaders

#BuildBackBetter webinar series

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For the past year, we have been engaging in more than 100 global conversations with leaders from our Sustainable Brands network, coming from America, Asia and Europe.

We wanted to discuss and understand how sustainable development is going to evolve after the current pandemic.

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We focused on 5 mayor sustainability dimensions: Purpose, Brand Influence, Innovation, Supply Chain and Governance.

We have collected first-hand, powerful insights that we would like to share with you in our next Sustainable Brands Madrid.

Will you join us?

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What's next?

5 "How to" guides to build back better brands.

It is clear we need to advance quicker on sustainable development. But how?

Each practical guide takes a deep dive in the "how's" of each dimension: how to achieve progress in each dimension and how to advance towards the next pursued level, providing solutions (How to make it easier) to indentified barriers (Why it is so difficult).

  1. Governance
    & Leadership
  2. Purpose
  3. Brand influence
  4. Innovation
  5. Supply Chain

Each Guide has been developed according to SB Brand Transformation RoadmapSM, a navigation tool from Sustainable BrandsSM that helps Brands in plotting their sustainability journey and assess company's maturity in these five critical Sustainable Dimensions.


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reunión de todos los ponentes de sb madrid

Sustainable Brands Madrid es un encuentro internacional imprescindible para todas y todos aquellos que quieran compartir con la comunidad de líderes de referencia globales de SB, retos, éxitos y fracasos de sus modelos de negocio centrados en la persona y el entorno. Una reflexión sobre el papel de las marcas en la definición de un futuro justo y sostenible.