From Quiero, we'd like to thank you for joining us these two days, along with 350 more friends, to help us drive the movement

From Purpose driven brands to Impact brands

At Sustainable Brands Madrid we face three challenges to work on the future from the present.

Sustainable Brands is the leading global platform – with a presence in 14 countries – for sustainability, brands and business, which seeks to inspire, transform and activate innovative brands and organisations that want to integrate sustainability into their business.

Sustainable Brands Madrid, active since 2015, is the European hub for Sustainable Brands.

A new category: Impact Brands

Aligning purpose and impact by making Green/Social Washing impossible.

Impact and its measurement

Aligning corporate and brand dialogue around impact and its measurement.


Our true “impact investors” of tomorrow.

  • It gives visibility and unites in the same place, great leaders of international brands of reference in sustainability with committed brands in our country. 
  • It is the only meeting specialising in brand building based on sustainability.
  • It offers a unique opportunity to learn and share with international benchmarks in the field.
  • It offers an international dimension both in terms of the speakers who attend and the profile of European attendees. 

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As a platform with more than 14 years of experience in business, branding and sustainability, we are the promoters and organisers of Sustainable Brands in Spain, the European benchmark hub for Sustainable Brands.


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