A platform powered by Quiero

Is a platform that has been working for 14 years on the business, sustainability and brand equation.  Our purpose is to put brands and organisations at the service of change.


  • The design of new business strategies that integrate sustainability and purpose.
  • The activation of projects with a positive impact on society, the planet and the business.
  • Communicating with different stakeholders through a relevant, authentic and differentiating story.


We only work on projects that put people, society and the environment at the centre.

Among the organisations we have worked with are Heineken, Madrid City Council, Unicef, Red Cross, Body Shop, Coca-Cola, Disney, Lala in Mexico, Danone and Samsung among others.

At our platform La Revolución de las Emociones, we are working to put art and culture at the service of change through education, dissemination and artivism. We are launching initiatives with a vocation to reach out to society, such as the educational project “CACTUS”, the Festival of community artistic practices “La Paca” and the social research project with young people “What do you want to do with your life?

Business opportunities

At Quiero we are the Sustainable Barands partners in Spain. Our aim is to incorporate businesses, administrations, and the civil society into the conversation, because we believe sustainability makes us better: more liked and richer businesses, healthier and more well rounded, more diverse, fair and beautiful societies. 

We believe in a better way of doing things.