Erik Thomsen

CoFounder, Target Impact

Erik is passionate about global sustainability and has dedicated his career to solving some of its toughest underlying problems in Analytics (how to drive global alignment by meaningfully connecting targets from planetary to company levels), Ontology (how to reconcile stakeholder and capital accounting), Wellbeing Economics (how to convert organizational performance into real impact risk, and how to construct wellbeing metrics that support the optimization processes required for Capital budgeting), AI (how to marry neural nets with dynamic environmental and social knowledge and how to assess and improve trust in AI-automated economic processes) and Logic (how to build logically self-correcting sustainability information processes). Along the way he has become a world authority in multidimensional information systems, an internationally recognized expert in the application of logic to information processing, and a well-known authority in ontologically-grounded approaches to Wellbeing Economics and to AI.

Currently, as a partner with Target Impact, he is responsible for analyzing clients’ environmental and social performance to derive real measures of stakeholder impact and actionable estimates of financial risk; and using that generated knowledge to improve the client’s information exchange between its sustainability, operations and finance functions in order to strategically align the client for improved sustainability in an increasingly volatile world.

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