Hello Madrid, hello world!


We are pleased to announce that the third edition of Sustainable Brands in Spain will take place in Madrid on May 7th, 8th, 9th 2017.

Join us to debate How to Activate your business purpose with sustainability led-innovation, generating scalable impact and profitability with our theme:

We will make productive use of our collective knowledge, creativity and influence in sessions designed to carry the spirit of purpose-led innovation. How? Pooling insights, debating complex issues, solving practical problems, supporting new initiatives and forming new partnerships.

Sustainable Brands Madrid 17´will allow you to:
  • Understand the macro landscape of purpose; a global landscape of environmental, social and economic macro forces that are shifting the conversation and creating system conditions for purpose-driven businesses to scale and thrive.
  • Discover product/ service innovation tapping smart design and empathy-centric processes to create business models that solve multiple problems at once.
  • Build a Purposeful Organization through employee engagement and purpose-driven leadership building high performance teams by harnessing individual and team purpose in support of the organization.
  • Successfully generate consumer engagement through purpose, translating the language of sustainability into a purpose- and values-centric language that customers relate to.
  • Elevate our collective purpose, using our group energy and influence to help build a better society.
  • + much more!


This time, our guest country will be the United Kingdom. Discover lessons on purpose activation from UK business leaders and organizations, amongst other international companies.

Join 500+ colleagues for 3 days of inspiring sessions & workshops in Madrid an open city for a sustainable world.


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