How to design relevant, meaningful and impactful brands now

Samsung Electronics Iberia, a big but humble company, is creating a positive change in the world, through using their technology and the power of their brand.

Francisco Hortigüela, Director of Communications, Institutional Relations and Corporate Citizenship of Samsung Electronics Iberia, presented how the firm is having an impact in the world. First, they realized that technology in education can play a strong role, so they talked with the minister of education and the government to help them develop a program for kids in urban areas with low incomes to improve their technology use. Most of the investment was focused on how to use the technology, mainly through teachers training. They have reached more than 67 schools and more than 200 teachers. Second, they realized that there was a lot of young people unemployed trying to get a future, so they talked with the Politecnica of Madrid and the Politecnica of Malaga, to develop special programs on new technologies, such as internet of things, smart cities or big data, to help them. Finally, they are working in a new project to connect kids that will stay a long period in the hospital with their schools, so they do not miss classes.

In the workshop, acting as a moderator, Raphael Bemporad, Founding Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of BBMG, the idea was to address the five human aspirations: Abundance without waste, Truly as you are, Get closer, All of it and Do some good. During the workshop 5 teams where brainstorming and talking about past experiences to obtain brand innovative ideas. After one hour, brilliant ideas were presented in class, such as “Sharing is caring” – fridge that detects when food is expiring and remind you to share with someone else to address “Abundance without waste”, or “People for People” where an app shows the customer all the persons that were involved in the production of the technology they bought, and their stories, to address “Get closer” human aspiration.

Rocio Franco, SB Barcelona 2016 Volunteer, MBA Class of 2017, IESE Business School

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